July 23, 2007

Our Bird Week (Creation Day 5)

Well, our bird week has been a complete success! The Lord has been so good to bring us many, many birds to enjoy! We have hummingbirds every few minutes or so, and have also been seeing mourning doves and cardinals regularly as well. Today at one point we had six birds at the feeders at the same time!! We have probably been quite comical, actually. We're kind of like a group of excited old ladies when a new bird comes over to eat.

Mattie has enjoyed it too. Whenever she hears us talking or reading about bird calls, she starts chiming in with a few of her own!

We took a trip to an exotic bird store, which was not the most successful trip of all. Jacob spent the entire time with his hands on his ears because it was so loud. And Mattie hung on for dear life as if I was going to feed her to the birds! So, neither of my kids like loud noises...should have thought of this before we went! Oh well, we did see some birds that talked to us! And we made our final exit when a macaw squawked really loud less than a foot from Mattie's ear and she started wailing!

Here's our bird feeder station on our back porch.

And here's our bird watching chart. What a fun way to learn tally marks!

Here's our day making peanut butter pinecone bird feeders with Hannah, Emily, and Caleb.

What 's peanut butter for anyway?? Bird seed too!

All the kids with their feeders. Boy will I be glad when Jacob gets past this nasty stage...he hates stopping to pose for a picture!!

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Valerie said...

HA! I can just see Mattie saying, "CHEEEzzzz!" Looks like you all had a fun week. Good ole pine cone bird feeders!