July 02, 2007

VBS update

Well, we made it through VBS! I am well versed in "what makes a hero" now, after teaching it for 5 days! We are all exhausted and still recovering on that front.

Mattie did make it through without an ear infection (and I think I've decided she's cutting her 2 year molars which would be causing her ear pain as opposed to any fluid buildup). She was apparently the life of the party in the babies' class.

Once we convinced Jacob that Tuesday would be better, he was okay. He ended up enjoying it well enough, though he did say he was glad when Saturday came. I think he went through the week oblivious, however, as he can answer nothing about his week! I guess it's not quite time to tuck those "hero" lessons away after all! I have caught him singing the songs though, so I guess something sunk in!

And I had no reason to be anxious about other adults, as my group ended up just me and my 14 year old helper! She was really sweet and we did great together!

Now to the fun stuff...the special needs class! I am still feeling the definite draw to do that. The children's pastor had said maybe the kids would just promote into my class in August, but I think the Lord may have different plans... A family who attended VBS (who has not previously come to Manley) has three children with mental retardation. (They are all adopted. WOW!!) They came to church Sunday morning and are ready for a Sunday School class whenever we have one ready! So, I think we'll probably be starting before August. And from the sounds of the murmurings among the special needs community here, we need to be prepared. The parents say there is not another church around here who is warm toward their special needs children, and many have just stopped going to church for that reason.

So, BE PRAYING for this! Be praying for a helper for me, or as many as I will need. (The other ladies who are so excited about it are already involved in other commitments, though one would work for substituting when I need it.) Be praying that Robert will know if he should be helping me (I think so because he's soooooo great with kids!) or doing something else during that time. And be praying that the Lord's hand would be on all of this! That we can minister to these families and take them in as a church body, and that we will be prepared so we can meet their needs effectively. Thank you!

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