July 27, 2007

Our Fish Week (Creation Day 5)

We've had a fun week studying fish! We're on day 5 of our creation study now.
We read LOTS of books about ocean animals, painted some fish, painted an ocean scene, made some starfish, and went to the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies today. Jacob's favorite thing he saw today was the barracuda, he said.

Here are the painted fish and sand starfish. And the third from the left is Mattie's first craft!

Here is the starfish Jacob made. (Cover a piece of paper with glue. Smush sand down all over it and let it dry. It actually gets hard and feels similar to a real starfish!)

I love this one! It's Jacob's ocean scene. An octopus (having a bad arm day), several fish, and the coral reef. Jacob loves to paint. I need to remember this and get the paints out more often.

And Mattie girl's first day of painting! (The day she didn't nap.)

Her objection when I wouldn't let her have control of the paint jar...
I couldn't resist sharing this one.

Our group at the aquarium.
Side note: We all rode the Gatlinburg trolley to save on parking today. As we were getting settled on the trolley we overheard the bus driver say to himself, "I hope they're prepared at the Aquarium!" I guess the kiddos were a bit excited!

A few local Five in a Row moms! (ValerieC, Melissa C, Candace C and Kelly TN)
It seems silly to say that when I'm related to two of them!

Jacob reading to me about the fish.

Jacob touching the horseshoe crab. (Last year he wanted nothing to do with this!!)

The sharks in the shark tunnel! (Well, the people tunnel beneath the sharks!)

One cute story before I forget...We were walking through the shark tunnel today and Candace's mom (aka "Nana") said, "See kids, there's a school of fish!" Jacob immediately says, "Yeah! And the shark's their teacher!"


Denise said...

You don't know me, but I'm Kelly's mom who couldn't resist telling you how much I enjoyed your little girl's photo with the paint on her head! I needed a laugh! :)

RosserFamily said...

Oh how cute!! You have 2 cute and adorable and brilliant kidos! Much cuter and more adorable than yesterday, huh. What a good helper putting the toilet paper away for mommie! Great pictures!

Kjirstin C said...

So adorable...how great to see Jacob more willing to do stuff (like the crab). And his comment about the "teacher shark" made us both crack up! Love you all