July 12, 2007

Looking forward to our bird week! (Creation Day 5)

We're almost up to day 5 of our creation study! I've been waiting for this week as there's so much fun stuff to do with birds! I've never really gotten into bird watching before, and can't imagine time to sit still and watch birds, but it will be fun to learn anyway!

Here's what I have planned for now...

~I'll have Jacob read aloud from the Christian Liberty Nature Reader 1: An Owl, The Robin, The Duck and the Hen for an overview. We'll talk about what we read about each kind of bird. We'll choose one bird of which to to draw a picture in the nature journal. Then we'll read What Makes a Bird a Bird? It's a book that explains birds' characteristics really well.

~We'll watch Moody's "The Clown Faced Carpenter," a segment about the Woodpecker.

These next three are the ones I'm really excited about!

~We have an exotic bird store in Knoxville (Thank you, Grandmama, for telling me about this!) we are going to go to. They've been in business for over 20 years and the owner says she has everything! I do think Mattie will freak out, but hopefully we won't permanently scar her.

~Peggy has been feeding birds here for 12 years, and has been sad to leave them. Well, we're going to pick up the slack! I've gotten three different bird feeders to put up! I've had them in the car for a month waiting for our bird week. I think maybe we'll do this Saturday so that by next week we'll have some birds to see. Yay!!

~And we have The Burgess Bird Book for Children. It's a book of fictional stories about the different kinds of birds. The stories are make-believe but are loaded with all kinds of bird facts to learn. I asked Peggy which birds we would see most often so we could read those stories next week in order to introduce us to those birds. (Notice I said "us." I'm pretty clueless other than a cardinal and a blue jay!!) I'm looking forward to this!!

These are the birds we'll be watching for...

Mourning Dove

Tufted Titmouse

American Goldfinch

Black Capped Chickadee

Blue Jay


Indigo Bunting

~And finally, I'll make a chart with these birds' pictures on it. I'll have Jacob put a mark by each bird each time he sees it so we can really see which ones come around the most often! (Thank you, Candace, for this idea!)

I'm really looking forward to next week! I think Jacob will enjoy it too. I think we're both ready to learn about living things again.


Valerie said...

Maybe I should send Will over to your house so that he can learn about birds...;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about this week too! :) I like all your bird images!