February 27, 2010

I can't believe they're this comfortable!

There is a lot of hype about the funny-looking shoes that have the curved, almost 2 inch tall sole.  I tried on a pair two years ago, but it was one of the $200 + pairs, and I wasn't nearly brave enough to put that much into a pair of shoes!  

My legs, feet, knees and lower back hurt often, and spending a day on my feet in anything other than a really good pair of tennis shoes or new Borns is a recipe for pain.  Not debilitating pain, but annoying, who-wants-to-get-out-of-bed-in-the-morning-when-your-legs-already-hurt? kind of ache.  So I've been tempted by these shoes and what I keep hearing about the absence of back and leg pain.
When I saw a pair of these on sale (for $50!) at a discount store the other day, I put them on while I walked around the store... just for an extended trying on.  :)  By the end of the hour in the store, I could feel my hamstrings being stretched.  For real!  I thought it was a coincidence for sure.  But I ended up buying them because I'm about due for a new pair, they were really comfortable, and these were such a great deal.  (I realize they're not as cute and trendy as the Skechers, but I've never tried on a pair of Skechers that had a sole with enough cushion enough for me, and comfort is more important than looks where my feet are concerned.  Sorry, Val.)

It's been three days now and I can't believe how comfortable they are!  My hamstrings still feel stretched, by stomach muscles are feeling worked out, and ... drum roll please... neither my legs nor feet hurt!  Woohoo!  You'll think I'm making this up, but my posture is much better too.  When I stand, looking in the mirror and compare my shoulder position in these should and barefoot, there is a big difference!  Since my shoulders are often tight and giving me headaches, I'm hoping this will help.

I have to say I'm converted.  I'm already keeping my eyes out for a pair of sandals with this technology.  Unfortunately, the ones I like are not on sale for $50.  But a girl can pray!


Valerie said...

Ha! Had to laugh at you calling me out! I'd be interested in checking some of these kind of shoes out as I have been having feet, leg, back, neck pain too! And it all started with a pair of shoes that was so fashionable...

Melissa said...

Click on the ones I put on there and they're for sale on Amazon for $45 total if you could tolerate them. For me they were very true to size, but maybe a bit wider than they're usual tennis shoes I've bought.

Anonymous said...

maybe I need the actual back and leg pain to be convinced. sorry! comfort doesn't overrule yet for me! LOL! But, don't forget, I did start graying first...gosh we're getting old.