February 07, 2010

Mattie's Birthday

First off, I just have to say that birthdays that fall on Sundays are for the birds!!  And Jacob's hits a Sunday this year too.  Ugh.  But on to positive things.


Mattie has had a great day today!  Here's what her day has held in case you didn't get to be a part of it...

She got up and got ready for church quickly so she could open presents before we left.  She got chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!

Then she got to hold her first bird!  This little guy flew into our window and hurt his foot.  He hung around for a bit seeming pretty dazed.

After church we ate a quick lunch (pizza!!) and then had her Tinkerbell birthday party with Hannah, her cousin with whom she shares a birthday!  

We had the party in the gym at church.  It's a great place to have it... especially with my house looking the way it did this morning!  (Are we the only ones who leave a large wake on Sunday mornings?)

Here's the 8 year old birthday girl!

Jacob decided to give skating a try again.
I have soooo many cute pictures of the party attendees I didn't even know where to start with sharing them.

These preschoolers are apparently not claustrophobic.

A sign of the times.

Happy Birthday, Mattie!

Now on to the junk food (and allergy) recovery plan...

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