February 20, 2010

This week's Facebook statuses

Here are some Facebook statuses I haven't posted during my respite, but are fun to share.  I am convinced one can share a lot about her life in one liners.

is fixing eggs and jelly toast for dinner!  Organic eggs really are worth paying for.

is having too many teen conversations with this four year old girl. This morning:  "Do I look great, Mom?"  Yesterday: "I don't want curly hair!  I want it to be long and straight and flow-ey."

is wondering, "Just really how poisonous is hot tea seasoned with clorox wipe?" and thankful I didn't find out.  What in the world possesses her sometimes, I do not know.

hears this question every day: "Can I wear my tank top and jeans skirt today?"  EvERy day!

has two little boys to parent well: a medicated one and a non-medicated one.  And boy, are they polar opposites!!

ahhhhhh!  8:15 at first awakening!

you know it's been a long few weeks when you cancel school for the day because it's 45 degrees and sunny outside!

has a very clean (and organized!) storage room.  That's always exciting.


Paula said...

I CANNOT wait to meet that daughter of yours!! She sounds like a riot!!!

Kjirstin C said...

Nice!! I've missed seeing these little snippets of your days ;)