February 14, 2010

Recent Simple Pleasures

I think it's time to call these posts something else... something that ascribes credit to the One who's blessing me with these simple things.  Simple gifts, maybe.  That's not really any better.  Whatever I call them, here are a few of late, just in case you were starting to think you'd joined an online therapy group!

Sweet, sweet time with the Lord coming from the blessing of discipline in getting out of bed.
Sweet answers to prayers, in my heart and external circumstances.
A renewed enjoyment of Him and hunger for Him.
Challenges to get through, the relief that comes in the process and the peace that He offers on the other side.
Breaking FREE!
Opportunities to write and work things out.  Writing is so therapeutic for me.

The little girl turning FOUR! and her excitement at it being her day.
Jacob telling Mattie he'd play whatever she wanted all day for her birthday.
Jacob being brave and pulling out his tooth.
Listening to the kids play together sweetly first thing in the morning.
A new points earning system that's working well and affording us good family time together.

A delightful evening out with Robert!  (The first one since my birthday... waaaaaaaay too long.)
A hardworking handyman of a husband.
A working dryer!  (That deserves it's own post.)
A husband who makes me laugh really hard.

A beautiful, well-loved quilt of my grandma's on our bed.
A major room switch that we're all happy with.

Are you making your lists of the joys He offers in your days?  God is so good to us!  And it is good for my soul to notice the little things.

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