March 07, 2010

Easter Schooling Plans

It's been awhile since I've posted any of our school plans.  I'd like to make posts on what we've done for our Around the World study to share.  One of these days maybe I will!

For Easter this year we're going to do this Easter Unit Study by Amanda Bennett.  This will be our first time using one of her unit studies, and I'm really excited.  I downloaded it today, and it looks perfect for Jacob!

We're also going to do this FREE lapbook from Home School Share.  We've done one or two lapbooks before, and they really just don't seem to be the way Jacob learns well.  But this one is designed specifically for the unit study above and looks like it's just right!

Jacob is also reading Journey to the Cross to me each day.  We've not read this one before, but it's good.  Jacob really seems to be enjoying it.  One thing I really like about it is that it gives you real life snippets of that time with each daily biblical story reading.

One exciting this for this year is that we'll be able to make Resurrection Cookies!  These are made with eggs, so we've never been able to do them before with Jacob's allergy to eggs.  But Jacob is doing well with eggs now, so we can make them!!  Well, we could have made them before, but who really wants to make cookies you can't eat?

We're also doing a countdown calendar, I called it our Journey to the Empty Tomb, for the first time.  (This actually started as a calendar for Lent which I copied from my sil (thanks, Candace!), but Lent hasn't proven to be a major theme in our home, other than my fasting from coffee, facebook, and the Five in a Row message board M-S.)  The kids are enjoying this and it adds anticipation which I like doing for Easter!  I like that we're thinking about this a month in advance like we do Christmas.   (As a side note, this calendar is much nicer than the paper rings we've traditionally done for Christmas, because the dates are right there so we don't have to count them every day if we can't remember if we tore a ring off!)

I'm trying to find a few things that Mattie can enjoy with us, as she's wanting to do quite a bit more "school."  I've gotten quite a few books from our church and local libraries just to read, but I need to find her some more fun stuff.  I'm going to Lifeway on Tuesday, maybe I'll find something there.

I'd also like to look into to participating in or watching a Passover Seder.  It's always a trick when it involves food, but I'd like to try.  If we don't get to it, there's always next year.  If there isn't next year, we'll be with Him so we won't miss it!

All of this together will fill our next few weeks for sure, after visiting Central America this week for a brief overview.  I tend to be a December failure, in that I start too many things that are made for 4 weeks of school and I NEVER finish!  I really want to have a manageable amount of plans so that we can finish what we start, on time.

Twenty-eight days 
till Resurrection Day!

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