March 24, 2010

Website to Share

I've heard of this website before, MathisFun, but have never used anything from it thus far.  We've found it very useful lately!  We've been using it for the Math Trainer, a timed drill and practice opportunity for addition, subtraction, and multiplication.  It divides the table up into 4 chunks so he can focus on one chunk at a time.  It's been very helpful for Jacob!  The characteristic that is best for Jacob is that the "timed" part works so he only has to do 5 minutes worth, it's not a race sort of timed activity.  He gets so stressed out with timed tests he can hardly focus on the task at hand, and he inevitably ends up moping or crying that he made a mistake... definitely not what I'm looking for every day!  I'm thankful this is FREE and seems to be fun for him!  Just thought I'd share.

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