March 12, 2010

Moments of Joy - 14

Since I wrote this post I've been pondering a new name for this kind of thing, these simple things that bring me pleasure, sweet somethings I notice amid chaos, bits of brightness in my days.  As I was thanking the Lord for them just today and not knowing how to really put it into words even for Him who already knows my mind, He made it clear to me.  These are my Moments of Joy.  Just occasions, some longer than others, that bring me complete and utter joy because I know He is the One who has given them to me.

These days there are too many to share them all with you, which is a testimony in itself as there was a time when I was writing them down in an effort to notice them.  But God has given me a cup overflowing as I've asked Him to!

Here are some sweet moments of joy:
Hearing the sound of a Thomas the Train engine this morning in Jacob's room!  Oh, how I miss those sounds that used to FILL my every hour!

Getting yet another good laugh at Mattie's remarkable sense of smell.  We believe she is part hound dog!

Enjoying peace and    q u i e t    as I'm alone in my home for only the fourth time since I became a mother.

Peace the Lord has brought as a result of searching the depths of my insecure heart and opening the doors for His Light to shine in there!

The smell of yummy homemade bread, the health and sustenance it symbolizes in our home, and the feeling that I can do at least ONE thing really well in our food allergy kitchen!

Ordering a new Bible and art supplies for Jacob for his birthday.

Food allergy healing through new technology and the fun of indulging Jacob without bracing for poor behavior.

A new vision to Make it Count with my children and good time with both of them already.  (Kristen, I appreciate your encouragement and wisdom!)

An actual feeling of physical fullness in my gut as I watch two kids run to greet their daddy after a week away!

Bring JOY to your servant's life,
since I set my hope on You, Lord.  
Psalm 86:4  HCSB

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