March 08, 2010

One-liners and simple pleasures blended into one


is listening to Gramma play Mario Kart with the kids.  She's apparently not any better than I am!
feels better (less overly full and blah) after just 5 days of point counting!!
ewwww... puke.
has a sweet boy; he offered to watch a movie with Mattie (her pick) because he felt bad for her after she puked.
he also said, "You know mom, when Mattie is sick, it makes me want to be sick too so she's not sick by herself."  (Is that not the sweetest thing you've ever heard?)
needs to get her screens back on for this warm weather!!!
thinks it's refreshing to see Snow White have full cheeks instead of airbrushed cheekbones.
is having hot chocolate and cheese toast for dinner because I have points left over!
has gotten lots, no,  LOTS! of snuggle time with a certain little girl as she's been sick this week.
found a long black hair on my chin and was very relieved to find, upon closer examination, that it was just an eyelash.
is excited for Jacob and all the new foods he's getting to eat lately.
is noticing the relief of new thought patterns as the Lord shines His healing light on my errant ones.

And a few photo snippets from our week:
I finally found a bedspread for our bed that I didn't feel guilty buying!  I love it, it's me, and it was only forty dollars!  (I was enjoying the quilt of my grandma's, but I could hear threads snapping every time I pulled it up to cover me or make the bed.  I didn't want it to fall apart, so I kept looking for something else.)

Apparently it's pretty exciting to be able to carry your little sister and to have your big brother carry you.  They came and asked me to take a picture.

I think it's sweet to see Mattie in a dress that I wore when I was four. (I wore this as the flower girl in my aunt and uncle's wedding.)

You know you wish you could dress like this.  Don't lie to me!


Kjirstin C said...

So sweet!! I absolutely love your bedspread, it's so pretty!!

Can't wait to see you guys in a few you!

Linda said...

How did I miss that outfit? And your bedspread looks beautiful. I'm thinking I have to take mine back, but I'm not sure yet....pondering....

Ditto re: seeing you soon! ly