March 01, 2010

Well No Wonder!

I finally bit the bullet and pulled out the old Weight Watchers points form I made up two years ago when I did it for 2 months.  I'm not sure what is going on, but I'm generally eating the way I have in the past, but gaining a small amount of weight all the time.  I'm not overweight, but my pants aren't comfortable and I'd rather deal with 5 or 7 pounds than let it go and do 20 later... I know I'd fail then.

So as I was filling out my breakfast and comparing in my head it to how I've been making it, I noticed 2-3 extra points there.  (I've been having a peanut butter and honey sandwich for breakfast.)  Then when I counted the points from the coffee I've been having for a year now (minus the last 10 days), it became very clear!  Groaning, I realized the way I like to drink my coffee makes it a 5-7 point mug.  I only get 20 points per day, so 5-7 point coffee 3 times a day could cause some problems!  I was basically using up my point allotment by 10:00 each morning, never mind the chocolate chips I was munching on, then lunch and dinner and a bowl of ice cream (and peanut butter) at night.

Ugh.  Hate reality sometimes!!  Thankfully I have all the stuff to count points on my computer, so I can do it without paying a dime.  I have to have accountability of seeing it on paper, so I really like doing it this way. Well, as much as one likes denying oneself the pleasure of yummy food.

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